Brusker only represents those too young to pledge or the criminal/dishonest elements of the community. The young aren’t treated poorly and learn about hard work, discipline and a drive to improve their station in life. The people who have been stripped of their voice as a punishment and a deterrent to others that the community comes before ones own personal needs. Theft, assault, adultery, f*cking another mans goat (kidding) are all offenses that will get your rights taken away.

 Death for a punishment is rare unless it involves murder or rape. Physically taking a person against there will is the second highest offense and will not be tolerated among the community. Those that have been stripped of their voice, depending on the circumstance, have been allowed to rejoin a clan after proving themselves, usually performing some heroic act such as saving another persons life or giving their own for another person. Such people that have died this way are given full status back into the community and are entitled to a funeral service befitting one of the houses own. By all accounts the person would be treated as if they had never had their voice removed. Services are generally offerings up to the sea but for those few people that raise to be head of a clan they are given funeral pyres or stone tombs.


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