The Pledge

For the last thirteen cycles of the moon you have been preparing yourself mentally and physically for the challenge that awaits you in just a few short hours. At times it was agonizing and at others confusing. Choosing the right clan to pledge will be the greatest decision you or any voiceless-one can make. Am I strong and daring, smart and crafty, beguiling and charming? The choices are as important to me as they are to the island. What if I choose poorly and am not good enough, what if I am not up to the task at hand, people may die. I mustn’t think that way. No more what ifs. Whatever choice I make will be the right one – after all Mogrum is looking after me.

 There are four clans to pledge – Murrok – Delnor – Plint – Malondra. All children when they feel they are ready can pledge a clan, depending on race between 16 – 24. The clans become the pledge’s family and take over the role of parenting. The other two clans – Brusker & Liendrel do not accept pledges. The Brusker clan (Voiceless Ones) serves several purposes; it houses all children from ages eight up until they pledge and for those that have fallen out of the good graces of its own clan. Before the age of eight all children remain with their birth parents if they are alive otherwise the rest of the clans cares for them until the pledge is made. Once you have been banished from a clan you cannot pledge another clan. Those that have fallen out of favor with the clans and have been stripped of status become Voiceless Ones seeking out pitiful existences being at the bottom of the food chain – so to speak. Those without voices do chores others with voices won’t do – demeaning work such as washing clothes and preparing food and cleaning pots & pans. Children are not treated poorly for not having a voice.


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