Cordelious Woods – Human Wizard – Paul

Cordelious Woods

Cordelious (or Cord to his friends) is a young and tragically gifted
wizard. As a youth, he possessed powerful energy that he could not
control that drew the attention, and even the ire of the Malondra Clan.
Before the age of three, he accidentally unleashed an uncontrollable blast
of that killed his parents and destroyed his childhood home.

The clan heads, fearing the youth, bound his energy, and brought him to be
raised and serve the clan heads. Here they could watch and train him in
the magical arts. The clan heads believe that he could become a great
hero, or perhaps be the doom of the clan.

Having been raised amongst the greatest and most powerful wizards of the
Malondra clan has given Cord a certain amount of polish and an air of
sophistication. Many in the clan resent Cords position and opportunity,
but Cord views it more as enslavement, and is eager to leave the
environment of control he has endured. However, he has had more one on
one training with the greatest wizards of the Broken Dragon Islands than
any other young wizard could ever hope for.

Cord is introverted and contemplative. He has been kept away from the
outside world, mainly for the world’s protection. He is brave and loyal,
and keen on seeking his own way in the world. The clan heads have had
great debates about over whether to allow Cord to take the pledge, for
with it comes greater freedom, and reduction of their influence over him.
However, it has been decided that to curb Cord’s rebellious tendencies,
that it will be better to allow him to strike out on his own. They hope,
that by granting him his freedom that he will become an even greater
servant of the clan.

Cord is firetouched, and his powers typically take the form of the flame.
His powers are always at the very edge of control, often blasting areas,
engulfing all creatures friend or foe within his range. In the heat of
battle, his eyes often turn a burning red, and he must fight to keep
control of his energy. His greatest hope is to find some true comrades,
heros who will not fear him, and will share their adventurous path with


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