Corrin Stormtouched – Halfling Storm Sorcerer – Ruben

Corrin Stormtouched

Halfling Storm Sorcerer

 Personality Traits:

Outgoing and personable, Corrin tends to win friends and arguments with equal ease. His nimble fingers and glib tongue tend to get him into and out of trouble quite often. At times he exhibits wisdom beyond his years, though those moments are few and fleeting. He is brash, daring, and a devoted friend to those who can keep up with his shifting temperaments.

 Mannerisms and Appearance:

Corrin smiles often and is quick to make a joke in order to lighten the mood. Very little outwardly frightens him and he considers it his Gods-given task to make sure none of his companions grow complacent or bored. He has a habit of twirling and playing with one of his manner daggers. When annoyed he’ll sometimes send a small jolt of lightning at the transgressor, though never enough to actually harm anyone. At times he is as wild and unpredictable as a winter storm.

Physically Corrin is a handsome halfling just entering adulthood. His build is quick and slender and his clothing is standard halfling fare. The only truly remarkable thing about his appearance is the stark white streak in his hair – the mark of Melora’s favor. When in battle he is often wreathed in crackling lightning and surrounded by tempest winds.


Corrin was born and raised on one of the larger clan-rafts among the halfling people. His family was large, prosperous, and well-liked. His early life was unexceptional, comfortable, and utterly ordinary. While possessed of a glib tongue and dexterous fingers, few took much notice of Corrin – until he was struck by lightning.

The event that changed his life happened shortly after his tenth birthday. A storm had blown in from the ocean and Corrin was busy making fast a barrel when a brilliant bolt of lightning struck him squarely in the chest. The young halfling was knocked out cold but otherwise unharmed. The local river sage declared it a mark of Melora’s favor and Avandra’s interdiction and from that point on Corrin’s life changed.

 The most obvious boon was Corrin’s new propensity for storm magic. By the time he was twelve he could conjure winds and toss bolts of lightning – the two things no teenager should be able to do. In a fit of foresight the captain of the clan-raft apprenticed Corrin to the river sage, an elderly woman by the name of Eida. Old Eida did her best to help Corrin control his powers and after a few years Corrin was thinking of becoming a river sage himself.

The last thirteen months have been intense and difficult for Corrin. While he has finally mastered the raging magic flowing in his blood he has yet to fully realize his own potential or master the most basic of rituals common to the river sages. Corrin fears that he will not be able to successfully complete the Challenge, despite his inborn gifts and Eida’s council. Only time will tell if his fears are founded.


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