The Broken Dragon Island Adventure Path

There are seven islands in total. Limited communication is had with the other islands. Each year those bold, daring, smart, or crazy enough submit themselves to take the “Challenge”. The participants of each island compete for the right to have their island’s representative lead the governing council for the next three years. 

The challenge is to test your abilities, judgment and fighting prowess. All contestants will compete against one another for the honor of their wood-be clan. All contestants will pass the challenge should they survive the day. The winner will select the next reigning high council member that will head the governing body for the next three years.

The Broken Dragon Island Kingdom is not a kingdom in the traditional sense of the word; it is a small collection of islands separated by several miles of turbulent dangerous creature filled water. The Dragons back in the largest island and houses all the people without voices as well as the ruling governing body. All peoples with no voice or clan live on the Dragons Back. Not only do the people without a voice live on this island but all heads of the six clans meet here to discuss business and other affairs. Each separate island houses one of the clans.

 You are at the age of passage; passing from the child you were into the adult you will become. The Passage is the most important time in the life of every dragon islander. For at the end of the day you will get to shed your name with no voice and choose the name by which all men and women will call you. It is at this time you have a voice at council, you choose which family to join, can take a lover and can earn great honor for you and your family.

 Your clan is not necessarily someone of blood relations to you although often there are people from your blood line within the same family. Your families are those that have chosen the same path as you; the best possible life you can obtain through your skills and merit.

 Choose a clan to for whom you wish to stand with. Based on the class you wish to take will determine where you choose to make your allegiance.

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The Savage Tide – Player Information

This is where NPC’s, places of note and general details can be found.

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